Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tooling Innovations Inc

Shrink Fit Tool Holder Cooling Units

Tooling Innovations Inc offers several different units to cool post induction heated Shrink Fit tool holders.  Our cooling units can be used for one Shrink Fit tool holder but are designed to rapidly cool multiple Shrink Fit tool holders at the same time to meet the demands of a production facility.

Air Chiller

Massive amounts of air combined with an aluminum plate quickly remove excess heat from Shrink Fit Tool Holders.  Thirty Cat 40 Shrink Fit tool holders are cooled to the touch in just a few minutes.  The aluminum plates are offered in several configurations for both cat 40 and cat 50 Shrink Fit tool holders.  Mounting the blower and aluminum plate on a cart provides flexibility to move the unit to any location plus the front plate deflects the air downward.  The cart has a padded large lower shelf and a padded upper working area.

Chiller Cart

Our refrigerated chiller cart provides mobility combined with the rapid removal of induction heat from Shrink Fit tool holders.  Refrigerated water is circulated through a thick aluminum plate customized with aluminum inserts sized to contact the outer wall of Shrink Fit tool holders. 
Chiller Cabinet

Our Chiller cabinet takes up less space than our chiller cart and is offered in several configurations.  The standard refrigeration unit can produce 9.6 gallons of 50° water per hour when the incoming water is 90° with a 70° room temperature.  Our heavier duty model can produce 19 gallons per hour of 50° water when the incoming water is 90° incoming water with a 70° room temperature.  We also offer a larger recirculating pump with a much larger chilled water reservoir heat sink.  The current version has a convenient front access panel, much larger rear ventilation panel, ventilated side panel, larger diameter insulated pipes resulting in significantly improved air circulation and heat exchange.  The chiller plate is customized with aluminum inserts to fit your Shrink Fit barrel OD.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shrinker® Use Recommendations

  1. For best results, the inside bore of the tool holder and tool shanks must always remain clean and this can be accomplished by using a mild non-residue cleaning solution and a lint-free rag.
  2. When you plan on not using a Shrinker® tool holder for a period of time always spray a light coating of rust preventing oil on the holder.
  3. Like all tool holders all storage pots in your automatic tool-changer magazine must remain clean and free of all debris.
  4. Because our tool holder shanks are precision ground to AT3 (within .00005 per foot of taper) or better, proper care must be taken to prevent marring, denting or damage to the taper.
  5. Proper heating levels must be maintained when inserting and removing tools to prevent possible personal injury and tool holder damage. Please call your Shrinker® supplier if you have any questions.
  6. The diameter of the cutting tool shank must meet or exceed industry standards for size, roundness, and surface finish to take full advantage of the “Shrinker®” technology. All cutting tools must be manufactured to at least ANSI standards and the tool shank diameter needs to be .0003 ± .0001 from nominal size and round within .0001 with nothing under a 16 micro finish.Small diameter tooling (less than 5/16” diameter) should have a minimum tolerance of .0002 ± .0001 to ensure adequate clamping force. Shanks that are manufactured smaller than the ANSI standard could have a less than the desirable clamping force, especially in larger diameter tooling.
  7. The end mill shank must be free of any burrs or imperfections to achieve optimal cutting accuracy.
  8. Shrinker® tool holders are designed to accept cutters with solid shanks and flats of any type will affect the gripping force.
  9. The preferred finish on the cutting tool shank is between 16 – 32 micro as this creates a greater gripping power.
  10. The cutting tool should not bottom out in the bore of the Shrinker® holders. We recommend that the end mill not be fully inserted into the toolholder to allow for thermal expansion of the end mill.
  11. There must be a relief hole to prevent a pressure build up between the holder and the end mill.
  12. Carbide is the recommended material for the Shrinker® due to the expansive properties of carbide. The solid gripping power of the Shrinker® holder creates a more rigid assembly and less chipping of the carbide end mill thus increasing efficiency, production and profits.
  13. A general rule of thumb is that the end mill contact distance must be at least twice the diameter of the end mill shank. End mills with a longer reach or increased cutter size will require a longer contact area.
  14. Overheating the Shrinker® holder will cause it to lose some of it’s gripping power.

Safe usage of Shrinker® holders

This provides various safety information and warnings to help you use the Shrinker® tool holder correctly for your own personal safety and the safety of others. It also helps you to avoid hazardous conditions and property damage. Always error on the side of caution and never ever take a short cut in safety procedures.

Always attach cutting tools properly as failure to do so may lead to serious personnel injury and property damage.

Always mount the Shrinker® holder properly to the spindle as failure to do so can lead to serious personnel injury and property damage. Follow the machine manufacturers instruction manual and directions for proper installation.

If anything unusual is noted, turn off the machine immediately and correct the underlying problem(s).

Never modify a Shrinker® tool holder.

Do not touch any cutting tools with bare hands, as injury will result. Always wear protective gloves.

Never touch a heated holder with bare hands. Always wear protective thermal heat resistant gloves. Remember after continuous operation the end mill and the holder are hotter and can burn you.

Never touch a rotating Shrinker® holder or cutting tool as severe injury will result. Always wait until the tool and holder have come to a complete stop.

Always wear protective approved safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Keep your hands away from any pressurized coolant as severe damage can result.

Never use a holder until it has cooled down to room temperature.

Never place a heated tool near flammable materials.

Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry around operating machines as they can get caught and cause severe injury to the individual.

Only use Shrinker® products that have cooling channels or a vent hole to release any pressure.

Always do routine maintenance and safety checks on all machines and equipment. Never use any equipment that appears to be damaged.

Always follow all company safety rules and procedures.